Sandralex has reported its impact on climate change through the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international NGO that operates the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. CDP encourages investors, businesses, cities, regions and states to manage their environmental impact by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, preserving water resources and protecting forests.


In 2021, more than 13,000 businesses accounting for over 64% of the world’s market capitalisation shared environmental data through the CDP. This is in addition to the more than 1,100 cities, regions and states who reported their data, thus establishing the CDP platform as one of the world’s most comprehensive source of information on how businesses and governments fight climate change.

The COVID pandemic has dramatically changed our lives since March 2021. In this time of crisis, Laboratoire Sandralex has taken action to support the CHIAP (Aix-Pertuis intercommunal hospital centre).

During the European Heritage Days 2021, the CHIAP honoured the 350 sponsors who supported the hospital during the COVID-19 crisis.

At Laboratoire Sandralex, we are proud of our contribution, and we would like to thank all the doctors and health professionals for their work, their attention and their commitment during this difficult period.



For years, Sandralex has been committed to manufacturing cosmetic products that respect the planet and its inhabitants, and in 2021, the laboratory decided to strengthen and structure this commitment through a formalised CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. Following the guidelines of the ISO 26000 standard, we built a CSR policy in partnership with our internal and external stakeholders.


After several months of work, 6 areas of commitment were defined to make Sandralex a innovative and responsible SME:


  • Governance engagement and sharing of our good practices;
  • Traceability, transparency and responsible purchasing;
  • Employee well-being, co-construction and mobilisation;
  • A safe and clean plant: health, security and impact mitigation;
  • Environmentally and human friendly products;
  • Involvement in local life and the general interest.


Work groups involving all of the company’s department were set up for each of these areas. In order to achieve real ambition, qualitative and quantitative goals were defined to monitor and report on Sandralex’s progress in its CSR approach.



Sandralex is also engaged in volunteer work to improve the quality of life of populations—mainly in developing countries—to support them as well as to share our know-how.


In 2007, we trained a women’s group in soap manufacturing in Burkina Faso to encourage them to sell their production on local markets and help them secure better livelihoods. In Burkina Faso, women are in charge of education, and this contribution will support them in the training and schooling of their children. The mission helped to significantly improve their daily lives, whether in terms of hygiene, cleaning, laundry or economy. Indeed, when preparing the project, we had agreed to use local resources and what oils were available to manufacture soaps. Today, we continue to work with the people on site, providing them with advice and information.


In 2016, we started a second volunteer programme, in South Africa. Our goal: To train employees in soap making, using local raw materials to promote short distribution channels. We set up a joint venture in order to build a soap and cosmetics manufacturing and development workshop. To our delight, this workshop is now making a profit and securing livelihoods for the local population !